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In the USA What do the Patriots Stand for

10th July 2022, mgh


Never before today in human history has a nation been gathered from every corner of the earth to be One nation under God, indivisible with justice and liberty for all” (Patriot’s voice)

The Beginning of Self Determination and Search For Justice

When the British Colonies in North America defeated Britain in the War of Independence the colonies severed all ties to Britain. America was the eldest of the Young Lions and George 111 had failed in crimes that violated the constitution. The central focus was on “legality,” and the “law” and this meant that “the USA was born in an atmosphere of legal rather than philosophical debate”, and can not be aligned with the French Revolution and the cry of liberty, equality and fraternity. The historians all agree that legality and law were the driving forces for the break from the mother/father country. The personal motto of Jefferson rang clear, “Rebellion to tyrants, and, obedience to God”. (Daniel Boorstin, “The Genius of American Politics” Chicago 1953 p.88)

Britain had been ruled by Germanic sovereigns for decades and this has continued up until today. There has not been an Anglo Saxon on the British throne since Tudor times. (Elizabeth’s mother Scottish, Father Germanic) The British were no doubt humiliated by their defeat and the loss of the wealth it would have brought to Britain.

What do Historians see as Foundations of the American Experience and Aspirations of the People?

Many settlers in the colonies of America were Christians and Jews from Europe who had fled from persecution by the church of Rome against non conformist Christians and Jews. We need to turn to evidence recorded by historians.

The USA’s Reformation

The history of the religious experience of the USA is important and we begin with witnesses, in the 1800’s, of the nation’s attitude to the Bible and the 1776 Constitution and with the Founding Fathers motto of “One Nation under God” and the freedom of worship.

Witness 1 Mrs Trollope1828

D.J Boorstin in ”The Genius of American Politics” Chicago 1953 p. 144 gives us a view of the role of religion in the USA in the early 1800’s. He records that Mrs Trollope visited the USA in 1828 and reported that “She was amazed by sectarianism and shocked to see the whole people divided into an almost endless variety of religious factions.” . It was an age of enquiry, with freedom to search for truth and understanding. A Reformation was being witnessed by Mrs Trollope, who had come from Britain and was shocked by the many religious sects in the colonies.

Witness 2 Francis Scott Key :The Star Spangled Banner and the Patriots’ American Spirit 1814

Lawyer Francis Scott Key during the war of Independence was sent by the US Government to Baltimore to the British to negotiate an exchange of prisoners. The Admiral informed Key that the entire British fleet was coming with gun fire to demolish the McHenry Fort, Baltimore, but shelling would stop if the flag above the Fort was lowered and the Americans surrendered to British rule.

British gun fire on September 13-14 ,1814 blazed all night and the flag was hit constantly in an unmerciful barrage of fire. The flag was humanly supported by Patriots and when they died they were replaced. Through the night the prisoners prayed to God ‘keep the flag flying where we last saw it’. By dawn the flag, although in shreds, was still flying and still stood, but at an angle.

Francis Scott Key that night had penned the words of what became the nation’s National Anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner” which concludes with “does it yet wave for the land of the Free and home of the Brave”. This asks if this banner will help to keep alive in memory the trust and faith that the Patriots displayed that night when the British tried to force the colonies to surrender. Key recalled the words of George Washington ‘American Christians will die on feet before live on knees’ and “In God we trust”

The Patriots today again face very real challenges from those who wish to take away their freedom and destroy the nation, and again it is to the God of Israel their prayers have ascended. People who come to this site brush away tears and comment on the courage and faith of the Patriots and say in amazement that the USA is the only country whose national anthem is a Hymn and Prayer. A Patriot today said, what I often hear, “Patriots through Biblical knowledge and spiritual development have been raised up to save the USA from the evil it faces today. “

(Ref:U Tube “Star Spangled Banner as you never heard it”)

The four verses of the Anthem were penned by Key on the night of the British threat and ordeal. A brief summary of the main lyrics follows:

1. The night “through the perilous fight, o’er the ramparts we watched… the rockets red glare, the bombs sting in the air … and the proof through the night our flag was still there

2. In the glory following dawn in the “morning’s first gleam … the flag is seen flying ...and then in the stream the Star spangled Banner was seen on a lean in shreds but it was still there.


3. The night was to be remembered, “Blest with victory and peace may the heaven rescued land praise the power that hath made and preserved us. “and this be our motto ‘In God is our trust’.

4. “When our land is illumined with liberty’s smile...when foe from within strikes a blow...down with the traitor that dares to defile the flag of the stars and the page of her story”

Witness 3 John Thomas 1830’s -1860’s

John Thomas a doctor, scholar and researcher into Bible prophecy had journeyed to the USA from Britain and spent about four decades in the USA experiencing the religious ‘Reformation’ travelling all over the USA, expounding the prophetic messages such as the Return of the Messiah, the Coming Kingdom and the Return of the Jews to Israel as their homeland. He spoke to large and small audiences, Christian and Jewish, throughout the USA. Around 1840 he wrote that there could be an interesting and possible outcome and mission for the USA;

“All that is worth preservation...has been naturalised in these United States; so that if Europe with all its purtances were to be blotted out tomorrow, the surviving nations would still advance in their career of social improvement. Hence the mission of the United States is to defend and preserve the civilization of the age from extinction in the transition of the old world from its present state to the Age of the Kingdom of God. This transition period is a time of sore trouble, the time of God’s judgement on Europe because of its blasphemy, superstition and crime.”

In the early 1840’s after spending a year in Louisville Dr Thomas records “riots were prevailing to an alarming extent in Philadelphia in consequence of the popular indignation against the Romanists” and this suggested to the doctor, who wrote articles for a local journal, the subject of an article the ‘Nature and tendency of Popery in a Democratic Republic’. He showed “Popery was a

venomous serpent and that its patronage was fruitful of danger to a free country and calculated to destroy the vitals of society.”

In another observation he saw Jesuits and Masons were coming into the country and entering all areas of judiciary, government and society and there was a Jesuit College at Bardstown. The serpent had spread through Europe for centuries and seeds of corruption and danger of the ‘venomous serpent’ were being planted in the USA in the 1840’s. He had detected a possible future role, a mission, for the USA and he had also warned of the danger of the serpent power. He also wrote in the 1800’s. Britain unless aided by the US might be overthrown by Continental Europe...a possible alliance will be formed ...the power that will fare best and yield to Christ”.

(“Life and Work of Dr J Thomas” by R Roberts,1873, p99.)

Witness 4 Julia Ward Howe: 1819 to 1910 Author and Poet a Unitarian

The lyrics of the Battle Hymn of The Republic written in 1862 by Julia Ward Howe reflect the spirit of the Republic of the 1800’s. The hymn resounds with glory to Yahweh, the coming of Christ and the Truth marching on.

It begins with “Mine eyes have seen the glory of of the coming of the Lord. Every verse contains “Glory Halleluyah” and “His Truth is marching on” twice. The images presented of war have spiritual impact. The “watch fires” that glow at night speak of the altar and sacrifice. “The burnished rows of steel remind them of a “fiery gospel” but also of grace and truth.

There’s the “hero born of woman” to crush the serpent head”. There is the Trumpet “that never calls defeat” and the judgement with the “lightning of Christ’s sword” (Which echoes the spirit of Isaiah 30:3o) and “the tramping out of the vintage’ where the “grapes of wrath are stored”.

This Battle Hymn reflects Biblical concepts that had been spread widely by Dr Thomas in the US.

Witness 5 Irving Berlin Irving Berlin and “God Bless America”1918. 1943

In 1918 Irving Berlin wrote this song during WW1. In 1938 he revised it during WW2. It became extremely popular throughout the USA which for the second time rescued the British in war time

The words again appeal to God and love of country throughout the song dedicated to soldiers.

God bless America the land that I love

Through the night with the light from above.

While storm clouds gather far across the sea

Stand beside her and guide her,

As we raise our voices

In solemn prayer

(Ref. UTube “God Bless America” sung by Kate Smith. This is the army 1943)

The witnesses of the 1800’s describe the people, like their forebears, in faith searching for truth.In the early 1900’s the radio made an impact on the life of people with the sound of not only “God Bless America” beaming out, but with other faith building songs. “I’ll walk with God “came from the Movie “The Student Prince”. It was composed by Brodsky in 1954. He was Jewish, born in Odessa (Russia) and emigrated to the USA in the 1940’s. Elvis Presley claimed that he knew every sacred song, the slave trade left its influence on music with its spiritual adaptation of hymns contributing to Sunday worship in the South and national music from races such as the Jews with “By the Waters of Babylon” from the Psalms.

The Power of Corporations that would Bring Changes to the USA

Dr Thomas had seen the USA as having a mission, but he feared the influence of the Roman church that was infiltrating the USA. A few months after his death, Congress passed the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That all that part of the territory of the United States included within the limits of the District of Columbia be, and the same is hereby, created into a government by the name of the District of Columbia, by which name it is hereby constituted a body corporate for municipal purposes, and may contract and be contracted with, sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, have a seal, and exercise all other powers of a municipal corporation not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States and the provisions of this act.

In 1800 Congress moved to Washington and in 1871 self government was granted to the Washingtonians, and Washington D.C. the Capital became the social place for the foreign influence, the vatican, elite and wealthy. The Democrats were successful in the fight for the corporation bodies and the Republicans legislatively were effective as pressure groups. Politically they operated to fight the “creeping socialism of the Democrats ”. The fabric and control of society of the USA was rapidly changing.

Max Lerner described the power and rise of corporations by the 1950’s. These were to have a huge effect on industry and all areas of production and bring many changes to the lives of the ordinary people. Also politics were greatly affected. The rich would grow richer and the ordinary citizen poorer. He gives an assessment and description of the Corporative body. The Corporations have become,in a sense, private governments . Their decisions influence the size and distribution of the national product, the channelling of investment, the levels of investment, the levels of employment and purchasing capacity of the workers. In effect they levy taxes and make alliances with foreign corporations in cartel operations, operating basically for private purposes, with public consequences secondary, they can crowd out competitors, divide the market, keep profits high, determine price levels and production volume.”

He goes on to say “What can be said of corporate control is that it is rarely wielded by the majority of stockholders, but by powerful overlapping oligarchies and insiders”

A number writers of his generation have noted that the head men of these corporates were emerging as Corporate Signeurs and their position, wealth and power had much in common with the frame of medieval society.

(America as a Civilization, Max Lerner New York 1957 America as a Civilization, MaxLerner New York 1957 p (pp.27, 48,294, 287-288)

The USA of the 1800’s had been undergoing the subtle serpent’s, influence as seen by Dr Thomas.

In addition to the Corporations’ infiltration, the end of WW2 period brought nazis into the USA.

David Potter, an historian also in the 1950’s, sees the influence of the emergence of “corporations” and socialism. He believed that the “ripest recruits for Marxism are the “idealists who loved the doctrine of ‘equality’ too well”. He sees the “organised group and corporative membership ties man’s aspirations to the power and purposes of the organised group that status gives.” He concludes that there has been a pathological turn that has contributed to the rise of fascism and Nazism, In other words, the Corporations were breaking down the traditional work opportunities for mobile individuals. (David Potter “People of Plenty, Chicago 1954 (pages 69-106)

The emergence of the powerful and wealthy elite and the corporations as envisaged by the historians of the 1950’s allowed the Democrats to achieve total control over every aspect of Government, and, through the media, have indoctrinated the nation by being able to hide the truth.

We see here the three fold infiltration into the USA: the 1.wealthy Corporations 2.Romanism religiously and morally, the serpent power, seen by Dr Thomas, and 3. the media.

The serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which Yahweh had made. (Gen 3:1)


The reform movement Progressivism affected all levels of American politics and society in the years 1890 to 1910. It was in response to the challenges of the city, the factories and to the forces that were destroying the USA For three decades there were voices of protest as corruption and the fortunes of Corporations and individuals grew while the squalor of cities spread and poverty of farmers deepened. The depression of the 90’s had produced class disparity and hate with the few rich and the many poor struggling to survive.

The ideals of individualism, equality of opportunity, justice and a decent Government had faded. The beginning of Progressivism brought new hope that changed all this in the first decade of the twentieth century. Reformers and writers brought social results for the factories and cities which were threatening to destroy the older America. Dozens of magazines and books pricked the American conscience as corruption in politics and the cities were being exposed. The adoption of the Australian secret ballot system and the employment of city managers brought order and created business like operations in the running of urban affairs.

The degradation of women and child labour came under vigorous attack. The revealing of the poverty, inadequate housing and the effects on mothers and the future of the nation became issues that were addressed. It was the great corporations which aroused the most Progressive condemnation as the greatest threat to democratic society. By the 1900’s the industrial combines appeared to have made themselves masters of America. This fear resulted in state and national legislation to create protection against the concentration of economic power. Many states made stringent rules for corporations. Though the Progressives were mainly city dwellers and dealing with urban problems, they were driven by the ideals developed in an earlier and rural period of the nation’s history. It was a fight for equality of opportunity, opposition to monopolies and humanitarianism. It was Jeffersonarinism to fit the demands of a new society.

The Progressives were concerned about the issues that were developing in politics and society threatening the Constitution. In his autobiography Frederick C. Howe (1867-1940 ) of Cleveland, and a prominent Progressive, wrote that from his religious upbringing... ‘that religion my reason was never emancipated… such a persistence of religious values is, I think, the most characteristic influence of my generation.” A contemporary of Howe wrote that he “was the subject of vitriolic attacks by the business interest, a man of high ideals and very practical sense.’ Theodore Roosevelt at a Progressive convention declared, “We stand at armageddon and we battle for the Lord” Samuel (Golden Rule) Jones a prosperous manufacturer demonstrated in Toledo applied Christian rules in his factory, he built for his employees a playground and Golden Rule Hall. He was mayor of Toledo from 1897 to his death in 1904. His successor was Frederick Howe. Tom Whitlock wrote that Jones taught , in practice that “there is a Higher Law and fight was a moral one as a struggle good against evil”. (ref: Out of Our Past: Forces That Shaped Modern America :Carl N Degler Harper NY 1959)

The connection between political Progressivism and the social gospel can be traced to Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt. In J.F. Kennedy’s vision there were aims that echoed the goals of an earlier era. The Progressives achieved some success in the fight against the power of the corporations and in improvements in society from 1890 to 1910. The following decades were to see growth in the power of the Corporations with the infiltration of post war immigration and nazis which Potter described as the “ripest recruits for Marxism” ... the “idealists who loved the doctrine of ‘equality’ too well”. Potter and Lerner also saw the beginnings of media control that would have great influence on the minds of the people, who could be blinded to their corruption

The historians of the 1950’s were witnessing the forces that Dr Thomas saw as dangerous for a democratic society. We are seeing today just how much power these forces in combination have brought upon the USA and which could destroy a nation. The Patriots long oppressed are again seeking to the God of Israel in the fight of good against corruption in our world.

But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.
For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. I Timothy 6:9-10

Patriots Today

I first became aware of the Patriot’s plight when I viewed their Save the Constitution rally when they walked seven times around Congress demonstrating a very Biblical aspect of hope in the power of the God of Israel. I heard their prayers that day and since then many times, and their references to the Prophets of the Old Testament such as Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Psalms and the smaller Prophets. They encourage each other with Bible study groups as the threat of a communistic agenda threatens to wipe out the nation’s history, the Constitution, the acknowledgement of the Creator, and moral standards of the Bible.

The words of our witnesses of the 1800’s of the Coming Kingdom, return of the Messiah, 1000 years of Peace and “Trust in God “are just as precious to the Patriots today as they were when Key asked then would “the flag still be flying?” in future generations, and:

“When our land is illumined with liberty’s smile...when foe from within strikes a blow...down with the traitor that dares to defile the flag of the stars and the page of her story”

Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face.
Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O Yahweh in the light of thy countenance. In thy name shall they rejoice all the day: and in thy righteousness shall they be exalted. Psalms 89; 14-16