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Daily Bread

7th November 2021, hej,mgh


1) Thou shalt not live by bread alone

Jesus, or as he was known in Hebrew, Y'shua, said when asked to make bread of stones,

“thou shalt not live by read alone but by every word out of the mouth of Yahweh”

There are a number of Bible reading plans. This plan here has three Bible readings which if followed will take a person once through the Old Testament and twice through the New Testament.

Great themes

There are great themes in the scripture. By taking three passages and comparing them we can see an idea that occurs not just once, but may times, is something that is so precious to Yahweh that it is a thread that runs throughout His word.

Great events

But there is more, as many of the Gentile servants of Yahweh read the Word to this plan worldwide and have done so since the plan was disseminated, over history there is a commentary on global events to those who follows the Master's command to “watch”.

The following has .pdf documents for each day examining the great themes, and commentary on significant events and what the scripture said on that day. Like this website, this article is a work in progress.

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