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This Generation 1967 - 2007

12th June 2007, seh, mgh


11) A Warning to Our Generation

This prophecy of Yahshua's is not a vague couplet of verse, rather in detail it explains that one event will follow another. According to the records left by Josephus, and the later books of the Bible itself, the event order that was predicted before the fall of Jerusalem in 70CE was accurate.

There is a gap in the prophecy from the time of the destruction of Jerusalem until it was prophesied that it be again ruled by Jews. Though unlikely even in the 1950's, this occurred. The gap was nearly 2,000 years. Then he predicted subsequent events. The last 40 years have shown that the conditions Yahshua predicted have eventuated. It is to be noted that the world has never before seen the condition of distress and protest seen since 1967. From the mid 1800's, even through the wars and as late as the 1950's there was a sense of optimism that humans could make wonderful progress through science. Since 1967 and especially the fuel shock of 1973 this optimism has been eroded. Now in 2007 there is only anxiety.

This period, from 1967, begins dramatically with the Six Day war in Israel and the wave of opposition to the Vietnam war. The war in Vietnam was one that the U.S could not win and the U.S army was withdrawn in the mid 1970's. There was a period of quiet with the Cold War. In September 1980 Iraq invaded Iran in order to gain control of the Shatt al-Arab waterway. After a drawn out war with Iran, Iraq invaded Kuwait and, in January 1991, Operation Desert Storm commenced to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi occupation. In recent years the U.S with her allies has been increasingly involved in an ever growing unpopular war in the Middle East and Iraq in an attempt to establish a peaceful stable political solution. And just as in 1967-8, there is a new wave of violent protest, as if defining a new era.

The prophecy continues,

So likewise you, when you see these things come to pass, you know that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand. Truly I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled. Luke 21:31-32

Here we have two very clear statements. 'This Generation will not pass' and the 'Kingdom of God is nigh at hand.' The signs that relate to the Messiah's prophecy following the freeing of Jerusalem from the Gentiles in 1967 are unmistakably those that are to be observed all around us.

Is the 'generation that will not pass' this Generation X? There is sufficient evidence to say that the parallels are extraordinary. Forty years have passed. Forty amazing years of change socially and politically.

The question is then, how much time remains for Generation X before the Messiah returns to rule this earth, bringing peace and justice? The Bible says Messiah will destroy all those who deny Yahweh as their their God and Creator and those who do not submit to His laws.

Luke 21: 35-36 gives us the warning to heed and consider the Messiah's words,

The Warning

Before the Jews re-gained administrative control of Jerusalem in 1967 this prophecy had no particular relevance. Nobody could have thought that Jordan would be foolish enough to declare war on Israel, or that Israel could win this territory from their more powerful neighbour. In any case the United Nations wanted to make Jerusalem an international city. Since 1967 the prophecy has become relevant. Yahshua, through Luke's record, spoke directly to those alive after 1967. That is, to our Generation.

In the years from 33 to 67CE the words of this prophecy saved the lives of countless people, as they heeded the warning and took the advice. Those who left Jerusalem lived. At that time they saved their life. For this generation, the offer is eternal redemption and a part in the future.