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This Generation 1967 - 2007

12th June 2007, seh, mgh


4) This Generation, Our Generation?

A Biblical generation is generally defined as a forty year period. In the opening chapter of Matthew where the genealogies are given, the average for each of the fourteen generations varies between 42 and 50 years. We could conclude that a Biblical generation may be between 40 and 50 years. A generation from 1967 takes us to 2007- 2017.

Is there any reason why we might date “this generation”, as referred to in Luke 21: 32, from 1967 with the freeing of Jerusalem from Gentile domination?

The idea of a 'generation' is an interesting development in modern thinking. Throughout history significant periods have been identified by descriptive titles. For instance we have had the Elizabethan Age, the Age of Discovery, The Reformation, The Renaissance, The Industrial Age, The Space Age, The Computer Age and many others. Beginning in the late 1960's we have a clearly defined and recognisable Generation X . This is the first time society has ever used the terminology “generation” to define a social phenomenon.

Western society has never before defined a period as a “Generation”. This new terminology appears highly significant. Why? It describes a period in which so much of society's norms, morals and values have been almost turned upside down. Beginning with many protest movements in the 1960's, especially in relation to the Vietnam War. the Baby Boomers laid the foundation for the Generation X which has been defined by sociologists as beginning in the period 1965-1967.

Is this new phenomenon of a Generation X appearing in 1967 in the Western nations in conjunction with the liberation of Jerusalem in 1967 just coincidence? That the Luke record of the Messiah's prophecy in Luke 21: 32 specifically states that “this generation” would not pass until the Kingdom of God was in the earth, is indeed a most thought provoking statement that should alert us, who live in the time of Generation X.

There are many available sources that discuss the origin and nature of this Generation X.

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