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The Making of the World

28th February 2013, hej


2) An ongoing making of the World (day to day)

The counterpart to giving breath is the ongoing work of making the world suitable for life. There are observations about how fit for life the world is.

So finely balanced is the world that even the sub atomic particles would not hold together if the force binding them was 2% weaker. If it was a mere 1% stronger the plentiful Hydrogen of earth would be rare as would be atoms heavier than iron. Water is the oddest molecule, and it oddity results in behaviour critical for life, including that ice floats. Even more curious is that the Beryllium isotope has an energy match for the helium nucleus, which allows the formation of Carbon and Nitrogen. The water cycle is it self critical for life, as is the carbon cycle. Another amazing cycle is an interdependent one as the moon's gravitations force balances the tilt of the earth that gives us seasons. Gravity, due to the spin of the earth, holds the atmosphere in place. The amount of gravity is rather important as is shown by the effects of space travel, and planes. If we have little the body does not develop well, and tasks are difficult, if we have too much gravity we black out. The point related to every one of these phenomena is that they are currently occurring.

Everywhere we look there is movement. If the origins of the energy to form the universe create unanswerable questions, the fact that it's still moving in an orderly manner create more. Not only did matter clump together in a non-even way, by the application of energy, at some point, it stays clumped together, and exhibits orderly and rotational behaviour.

To achieve rotation, or motion in a curve, acceleration or input force is required. This is a fact observed by those making things that move in space, such as satellites, or indeed anyone who makes things that move. And to keep things moving in a curve further inputs of force are required. So how is it that the planets still circle the sun and the moon circles the earth? In addition there is lots of rotational motion to be observed including comets. For more on this see Doing things in Space

How might this be explained? What force is applied day to day? What makes the force holding the earth, like a tennis ball on a string about the sun?Where does this force come from? The forces involved are huge. In addition these forces are ordered and precise.

To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David. The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shews his handywork. Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night shews knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. Their line (Heb: chord/ rule/ connection) is gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them has he set a tabernacle for the sun, (Psalm 19:1-4)

An invisible 'line' does go through the earth! Observations of the heavens made from earth show what the Mighty One makes.

The greatest advances throughout history were by those who made things. It was well known that Isaac Newton made his own telescope and equipment. From these came his observations on optics. He also is known to have made a working model of the solar system. Joseph Priestley who wrote a manual on electricity and found oxygen, was always making things and building new equipment to test ideas. Flight was achieved by the Wright brothers who built things and tested them in the process rewriting the formula for lift. There has been great success in making things from advances in medicine to the internet. Why is it that a few people are held in high esteem who merely think, or theorise?

Why is it that when God sent his son to the world, that son went out having been trained and having worked for half his life as a carpenter; as someone who made things?

Before we get into an argument about ancient history, or about cells, or about DNA the relevant question for now is what force drives the movement we observe now in the heavens, and the cycles we see on earth? We see the world is being made, we see we can make things, and we see how making things helps us understand how our world works.

In this way I re-frame an approach so our focus aligns with our observations in the real day-to-day world. And we can ask a new question about how we make things.

Topics: Genesis, creation

He that calls for the waters of the sea

It has been in my heart to write about an observation regarding the movement in the heavens : weather, climate, sun and universe. It concerns me that people do not give the God of the Bible the glory for His gift of life, moment to moment, and the giving of rain and sun.

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Three times in the Bible we are introduced to the creation of the heavens and earth. The first instance is in Genesis, the second is by the prophet Isaiah and the third is in Revelation.

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Recent findings suggest once again that science reveals how much is not known. Venus was found to have a longer day than was measured by the Magellan in the early 1990's: a noticeably and significantly longer day. The motion in the universe might be more quixotic than many had thought.