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22nd June 2008, mgh


8) Faith

Miracles are not inconsistent with the order of nature as we know it. Scientific knowledge is ever expanding. With the knowledge of existing forces which we really know very little about, we can know that certain things are possible, but unless we possess infinite knowledge we cannot say anything is impossible. Therefore science cannot show that miracle is impossible.

How many things do we have faith in? Do we know that there are electrons in atoms? Is not this a faith? We have never ourselves seen even one electron. We have faith electrons exist as we believe the witness of scientists who say they have seen their trace. How do we know that the people convicted of crimes on the news really did them? Firstly we rely on the witness of the news which in turn relies on the witness of those who testify in court. We have faith that the witnesses are tested and the process is trustworthy.

There is every evidence to establish that in the past there have been miracles, for many reliable eyewitnesses have recorded what they have seen. In addition archaeology establishes the reliability of the accounts of events. Their testimony establishes that the God of the Bible is very powerful, and can control nature.

We may not have personally seen a miracle, but we cannot say that miracle is impossible. Faith is established by the demonstration of a divine power, which requires miracle. Miracles are not only possible but they are a necessary proof of God's existence.