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Bible History - Revelation

21st August 2023, mgh


1) Old and New Testament History

There are two reasons to understand Bible history: context and the faith building from prophetical fulfilment.

While the Bible is not written as a history book, the context of every word of the Bible belongs to a historical era. If we do not know something of these eras, we cannot fully understand the words.

As much of what the prophets have written is fulfilled, unless we know history we cannot understand how their words were fulfilled

Adam to Abraham

Timeline from Adam to Abraham c.1879 BCE

This timeline places the people of this era in their context. Be surprised at who was a contemporary of who. See why Jacob speaks of his 130 years as "few and evil" and having "not attained unto the days of the years of the life of my fathers" (Genesis 47:9).

King of the North vs King of the South from 312-145 BCE

Timeline Seleucids vs Ptolomaic Empires Daniel 11

Roman Empire from 96-324 CE

Revelation part 1

Roman Empire from 324-500 CE

Revelation part 2

Mahomet, Saracens, Turks & Ottomans 622-1453 CE

Revelation part 3

Europe to the French Revolution 533-1793, 610-1870 CE

Revelation part 4

Napoleon to the end of the Ottoman Empire 1789-1914

Revelation part 5

World War 1 1914-1918

Revelation 16, Daniel 11