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23rd March 2008, gah


3) Prophecies about Jesus Christ

There is general consistency throughout the Bible regarding individuals, nations, events and the purpose of God and Jesus Christ. Just one of the consistent themes is the role and life of Jesus Christ. The table below shows the consistency in theme between the Old and New Testaments about Jesus.

Old Testament Prophecy

New Testament Fulfilment

Malachi 3:1 A messenger would be sent before Messiah.

Matthew 3:3 John the Baptist came before Jesus

Numbers 24:17, Deut. 18:15 God would send a prophet from the tribe of Judah.

Matthew 2:6 Jesus was from the tribe of Judah

Isaiah 7:14 A virgin would conceive the Son of God

Matthew 1:23

Micah 5:2 Jesus would be born in Bethlehem Ephratah

Matthew 2:5

Jeremiah 31:15 Mourning of the death of children at Ramah

Matthew 2:18

Hosea 11:1 Jesus would live in Egypt as a child

Matthew 2:15

Isaiah 9:1-2 Jesus would live and preach in Galilee

Matthew 2:22-23

Daniel 9:24-27 Messiah’s would confirm the covenant 3.5 years (1 week = 1 year)

Jesus ministry lasted 3.5 years

Zechariah 11:12 Sold for 30 pieces of silver

Matthew 27:9

Psalm 22:8 Scorning at Mesiah’s crucifixion

Psalm 22:14 Poured out like water

Psalm 22:18 Parting of garments by lot

Matthew 27:39-43

John 19:34

Matthew 27:35

Isaiah 53:8 Jesus would be put to death even though he was not guilty

Matthew 27:24

Isaiah 53:9 Messiah’s death would be with the wicked and his grave with the rich

Matthew 27:38, 57-59

Hosea 6:2, Psalm 16:10 Jesus would be raised again from the dead on the third day

Matthew 12:40, Luke 24:46