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Creation in Genesis

23rd December 2005, sjh


1) Reading the Bible

The Bible is actually a collection of 66 individual books, collected together in a conventional order. The names of these books often is that of a person, or a descriptive title. The first book is called “Genesis”, which means “beginning”.

Each book is further divided up into chapters and verses. An average chapter is about one page in length, while each verse is numbered and is only about the size of a sentence. The numbering is useful for referring to specific sections of the text. The notation “Genesis 12:4” Means the 4th verse of the 12th chapter of the book of Genesis in the Bible.


The Bible was originally written down primarily in two languages. The first section, called the Old Testament was written in the ancient Hebrew language, and the New Testament in the Greek language of the 1st century AD. In modern times, people will normally read a translation of the text into their own languauge. There are many different translations of the Bible into English, and each have their own different properties. Some are targeted at accuracy, some at readability, while others aim at particular styles of language and interpretation.

This study series uses the World English Bible Translation. It was chosen because of its permissive copyright license and its use of modern English language.