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31st July 2009, hej


1) Discoverer Bible Reading Plan

The Bible is every person's book. There is something for everyone. It may be read easily by young children. It deals with issues in relationships from youth, to mid-life and old age. It also has enough detail to keep the most brilliant scholars debating and studying for a lifetime.

In addition themes, symbols and expressions of the Bible are found in most English literature, which you will miss understanding unless you know the Bible.

With a small effort we can understand enough of it to feel we are familiar with its contents.

If you have never read the Bible all through, the following plan will help you in a year cover all the significant passages. We follow blocks of text so there is continuity, but go from New to Old Testament to very quickly give you a 'feel' for the whole Bible.

There are 2 ways to follow the discoverer path

1. By printing the Discoverer Bible Reading Plan (Link to Plan) and using your own Bible cross off each reading on the chart as you do them.

2. Or day by day reading the documents with text and commentary below.

Stage 1- Introduction

Day 1 January 1 Psalm 19

Day 2 January 2 Genesis 1

Day 3 January 3 Luke 2

Day 4 January 4 1 Corinthians 13

Day 5 January 5 Mark 4

Day 6 January 6 Ecclesiastes 3

Day 7 January 7 2 Timothy 3

Stage 2- The Beginning

Day 8 January 8 Genesis 2

Day 9 January 9 Genesis 3

Day 10 January 10 Genesis 4

Day 11 January 11 Genesis 5

Day 11 January 11 Chart Open Both

Day 12 January 12 Genesis 6

Day 13 January 13 Genesis 7

Day 14 January 14 Genesis 8

Day 15 January 15 Matthew 1

(This is a work in progress eventually there will be 364 entries)

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