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God and the Bible

19th September 2012, sjh, hej


3) Starting With Christianity

For someone with little background in religion, learning about God or the Bible can be a rather daunting task. The Bible is a large book and people can spend a lifetime studying it, and still keep learning new things from it. So when first approaching you have to be patient and not place too great expectations on yourself.

One first step is to start by reading a section of the Bible, but conscious of the fact that you may not understand all of what it is about initially. Because things are so much interconnected, full understanding of one part can only come after first understanding other sections. So the first objective is to find the big picture and then later resolve the details in your mind.


When people think of God often they will see that as something that happens at a church, but church is just one aspect of Christian life. A church is simply a group of followers of God who have associated together to help each other relate to God. You don't need a church to take part in God's promises, reward and forgiveness, but interacting with a group can make the road easier.

Why so many sects?

The Bible is one and all will agree the Bible is imporatant. Some will emphasise one part while ignoring other parts and others will give priority to their interpretation. The more the Bible is treated as simple ordinary communication, the more people agree on what it says. Look for those groups who read the Bible every day, and who read the whole Bible.

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