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The Fig Tree

12th May 2007, seh, mgh


7) A conclusion

We could argue that the parallel with the fig tree is conjecture and mere coincidence. On the other hand Yahshua was never one to waste words and he clearly has put forward a 'sign'.

He says to his followers “Now learn”. He then puts this thing we are to learn into a parable, to make us think. If this understanding of the parable is correct, the events of 1967 are the shooting forth of the leaves on the new wood heralding the coming of summer. They are a warning, or a sign. The warning was not to all people, but specifically to “this generation”, an English term preserved in all translations of the Bible.

The unusual terminology of 'Generation X' to describe an age which the world dates as beginning in approximately 1967, that reflects a most significant change in morals, values and attitudes could be simply coincidence.

In addition to this co-incidence there has been a huge increase in the other 'tree' nations at the time of the re-emergence of Israel as a nation, which indicates that this is unlikely to be mere co-incidence.

The prophetic accuracy of the Bible, is shown in that these three phenomenon, the revival of Israel as a nation, the fourfold increase of nations in the United nations since 1945 and Generation X, all come together. This shows that the times of the Gentiles is indeed drawing to a close and the Messiah's return is 'at the door'.

According to the prophecy, it is this generation who will witness the coming of the Kingdom. We should prepare ourselves for “the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.” (Luke 21: 31).