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Names Divinely Appointed

12th June 2004, hej,seh,mgh


3) Summary of divine names

This brief survey of divinely appointed names clearly defines the development of the Creator's plan with this earth and the nations. At significant times in history the Creator has intervened to clearly demonstrate man's destiny through prophecy and through the work of those who bore Divinely appointed names that reveal His purpose.

The Abrahamic covenant gave rise to the nation of Israel, which was to become the witness to the world that the Creator had a purpose with this earth. Abraham was faithful and he was given the promise that from his seed a nation would arise and through his seed the earth would be blessed.

At the time of Isaiah and Hosea, the nation of Israel were told that their nation would be scattered and persecuted. They would be dispersed among the nations and in the last days would return to their ancient homeland. This was a result of their faithlessness towards their God. Their return to their land would be a sign to the faithful that the Creator would fulfil His promise to Abraham.

The birth of John the Baptist and Yahshua, marked a most significant change. The time was drawing near to when the Jewish people would be scattered throughout the nations by the invasion of the Roman army. It would be the time when the Jewish hope was to be extended to the Gentiles. The rejection by the Jews of their Messiah culminated in His crucifixion.

The apostle Peter, a Jew, learnt that he was to no longer regard the Gentiles as unclean. They were to be incorporated into the Abrahamic covenant through baptism as shown by Paul's message to the Galatians. `To Abraham and his seed were the promises made ... and if ye be Christ's... then are ye Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise.' (Galatians 3: 16, 29)

Divine intervention occurred in the naming of prominent people who revealed the purpose of the Creator, firstly to the Jews and then to the Gentiles. Through their names they stood before the people in the nature of prophecy or warning, revealing the Divine will that would be accomplished on this earth.