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Babel, diversity and the new world order

3rd Feb 2017, hej.

We often see the Biblical hope hijacked by those seeking a name for themselves or seized by idealists who refuse to take into account human failures. As a result, this human thinking is often more foolish than not, leading to much harm and suffering.

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2016 / 2017 Days, Times & Seasons

21st Jan 2017, hej.

The word chosen for 2016 year by Merriman Webster's dictionary was “surreal”, but for us the events are real. “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” (Hebrews 11:3)

In 2016

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UN Resolution 2334 Settlements: US, Israel & the future

30th Dec 2016, hej.

What the world leaders intend and what God directs may be different things. In this case of the US Administration's action in the UN Security Council the Bible, with an amazing track record, both predicted the situation and indicates the future, which won't be as they hoped. They are on the wrong side of the Maker of history.

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Burned Bible: call for prayer after Gatlinburg Tennessee wildfires

2nd Dec 2016, hej.

So unreal and so apt was this find of the Bible Page from Joel 1 and 2 that Snopes had to comment confirming it. It was beyond coincidence, yet it happened. We may gain so much comfort from knowing that even in a human-made disaster, the God of the Bible knows and counts not only the hairs on our head but knows also the pages in a book. For those who hold onto their faith, we can know even in disaster that God works for good in the lives of all those who seek him.

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John Kerry, New Zealand Quake & Israel

15th Nov 2016, hej.

Before anyone condemns the pastor who thinks that the NZ earthquakes came because of the immorality as being 'unscientific': think again. Science knows nothing of why quakes occur when they do or why they form new fault-lines. Science knows nothing of why for years the quakes go one way on a fault, then suddenly go another way. Science uses words like 'enigmatic'

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Protest & Politics of Equality, Greed and Envy

7th Nov 2016, hej.

We hear of protest regarding inequality globally: that one family / tribe of people are not doing as well as another and don't have their hand on the positions of power, which, due to corruption, are related to influence and wealth. We hear of inequality in treatment before the law. We see it also, in that the wealthy achieve things the poor are denied.

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Shimon Peres: The writing on the wall

1st Oct 2016, hej.

Shimon Peres has been a man of sign in his life and now in his death and burial. ... More

Trump, Israel & the end of Tisha B'Av

18th Sep 2016, hej.

We can be sure that the Creator of all things controls who takes power. Thus the current US election, though people strive and think they are free to elect who they will, the result is God's. There is one curious point to ponder: this contest more than any previously has powerful undercurrents of a struggle involving Zion.

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Elizabeth 1 & 11 The Oath of El

11th Sep 2016, gah.

The crown placed on the head of Elizabeth 11 is thought to contain 4 pearls from Elizabeth 1. There seem some interesting parallels between the 2 Elizabethan ages.

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SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket Amos-6 satellite Anomaly: What it says

4th Sep 2016, hej.

Whoa! Has the Creator made a comment?

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