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101 Reasons why I trust the God of the Bible

19th January 2018, hej


9) 80: Blessing, Design and Purpose

80: Israel: The blessing on those that bless the natural sons of Abraham, Isaac and Israel


81. Need for meaning and purpose in Life

There are very few humans happy with no purpose or objective in life.

A man that flattereth his neighbour spreadeth a net for his feet. (Pro 29:5)

90: Israel: The mountain of Israel fruitfulnness in modern world

This is a work in progress


101: the personal experience of answered prayer and providence

There is hardly a day that goes by in my life wihout some small thng that can only make sense if the God of the Bible knows my thoughts, and is acting day to day in my life. He doesn't always stop people doing wrong to me, but the long outcome to me is never harm but good to me, as He protects me as I pray each day.