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Ambassadors in Reed Boats

26th December 2016, hej


5) The lands of Reed Boats

This land is identified by what the land does. With the shades of meaning included, the land

appointed/ sent-out on sea ambassadors/ envoys (those who pressure/ constrain)
and/even in/on apparatus/ thing/ vessel reed/ bulrush/ papyrus upon-the-face-of-the-waters.

They send out Ambassadors and also these ambassadors even go on vessels of reeds.

In ancient times reed (or papyrus) boats were well known in the waters of Egypt, both on the Nile and the Red sea. Remains of what is thought to be the oldest reed boat were found in Kuwait. Moses was set afloat in a reed ark. The reed boats had a distinctive shape in Egypt the ends tied together. Reed boats were (and are still) used on Lake Tana in Ethiopia.

Also in the marsh area of the Tigris River in Iraq, the reeds of that area were, long before the time of Isaiah, and still are, used to make boats.

In addition Totora reeds are used still in South America, especially on Lake Titicaca, to make boats.

The Egyptians and Ethiopians may have sent out ambassadors. And also the Assyrian city of Senacherib at Nineveh (Kouyunjik) shows carved reliefs with typical reed boats.

But as these nations of Cush, Assyria and Ancient Ethiopia were on their respective mighty rivers, it seems peculiar to describe the land as being beyond or over the rivers.

An examination shows that over the long history since Isaiah, that reed boats specifically do not seem to have been sent out on the face of the waters carrying ambassadors for specific famous diplomatic missions by either of the reed boat-building Cush civilizations. No doubt trade occurred between the Tigris and the Red Sea about Arabia, but it seems there was no reason to send ambassadors on the sea, rather than by land.

The Hebrew translated 'ambassadors' implies the people who run these errands are levered, constrained, or pressed by or to apply pressure by the land who sent them. The word seems not to be used for envoys sent in the ancient world. It is only used in Isaiah in this one passage in this way. In context there can be no doubt that this word means a constrained envoy, or a modern ambassador sent to achieve an outcome.

But in the modern world, remarkably, and famously, ambassadors went out on the face of the seas.